What You Need to Know About Insuring Weddings (And Other Big Events)

What You Need to Know About Insuring Weddings (And Other Big Events)

What You Need to Know About Insuring Weddings (And Other Big Events)

The summer is finally here and that mean wedding season is too. Along with big events like weddings, you should always consider getting insurance coverage for other events such as fundraisers, corporate parties, or even having a company booth at a town fair.

Things like sudden cancellations, stolen gifts, a damaged gown, or even a guest getting injured are the last things you want to worry about with a big event, which is why coverage can not only help protect you against the unforeseen, but can also give you peace of mind.

What Is Special Events Liability Coverage?

Basically, when hosting an event like a wedding, Special Events Liability Coverage will help protect the happy couple or host from circumstances beyond their control and reimburse any expenses incurred.

For example, what if you planned an outdoor event and it rains? What if a guest takes a fall and is injured? What if the limo doesn’t show up the day of the wedding or event, and you must find another one the morning of – for double the price? Or a bridesmaid has her custom-made dress lost in airport baggage, and she must find a new one the day before the wedding?

These are all incidents of what you can be protected from with Special Events Liability Coverage.

Why Get Special Events Liability Coverage?

Consider this scenario:

Lindsay and Dennis spend months planning a Christmastime wedding. But on their wedding day, there is a big winter storm and the hall they’ve rented closes due to the bad weather. They now have to cancel their reception, postpone the wedding, and notify guests, caterers, and the like of the change.

Because they took out an event policy, they can postpone their wedding and receive the money they lost (less the deductible) for things like the invites, cake, catering and attire, and nonrefundable deposits for things like musicians, floral designers and other vendors.

Some locations and vendors might already have their own insurance, so it’s a good idea to see what they’re covered for so that you’re not paying for overlapping coverage out of your pocket. Ask vendors for a copy of their policy so you can see where you aren’t fully covered and can fill in the correct holes when you talk to your insurance broker.

What Are You Covered For?

Much like events differentiating, no two policies are alike. Problems like weather, location, vendors, illness or injury can be major concerns on your wedding day or during your event. Make a list of all the details that are going into your day so that your broker can advise the fundamentals to you on you where you need coverage, or where you will not be covered. You want to make sure you fully understand all the details of your policy.

For example, if you are planning a wedding your list can include details such as:

  • Location: See if the site of your ceremony and reception are already insured. If they are not, your insurance can cover costs of unavoidable cancellations such as damage or inaccessibility to the site in the event like a fire, flooding, or has just been closed down. Sometimes this policy can cover a rehearsal dinner site as well.
  • Weather: Any weather conditions that could prevent the bride, groom, an essential guest, or most of the guests from reaching the premises are to take place should provide some type of coverage. Typically, this would cover rescheduling the wedding and other details involved including caterers, flowers, etc.
  • Vendor No-Show: In the event of an essential vendor failing to show up, like the officiant, or caterer, for instance, your insurance policy would cover the cancellation or postponement of the wedding for these reasons.
  • Liquor Liability: Perhaps one of the most important coverages to make sure you have as there is always an element of risk when there is alcohol served at an event. The hall where you have your stag and doe, or reception will have a liquor license and liquor liability as well, but it’s important for you to be covered as well to prevent yourself from being legally liable in the event of an alcohol related incident.
  • Additional Coverage: Your broker can advise you of taking out supplemental policies to defend against damages incurred by other wedding (or event) related items such as photography and videography, gifts, attire, or even your honeymoon.

You never know when something unexpected will occur. Contact the Billyard Insurance Group today to find out how we can help protect your significant events. Special Events Liability Coverage will provide you and your guests peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your special day!

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