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Dennis Piron l Broker l BIG Insurance Oakville

Dennis Piron

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About Dennis

My name is Dennis Piron. I never thought about insurance as a career until I went to see the manager at the insurance company I was insured with for many years to discuss my policy renewal. He called me after I left to come back and talk to him about working in the insurance business. So I asked him if he wanted me to come in for an interview, apparently he already did that while I was there discussing my policy! He handed me some booklets to read, and I gravitated to the reading and loved the business. I owe a huge thanks to that manager because he mentored me, and because of him, I'm very successful in my career. I am one of those people that can honestly say "I love my job!". I focus on home, auto, commercial, life, travel, tenants, cottage, and RV insurance, and I'm ready to help anyone who needs it! Through my career in insurance, I was able to buy my dream home on the water with Lake Ontario in my backyard. Professionally, I have made it to the President's Club 4 years straight when I was an agent and got to experience beautiful countries including Australia, Monaco, Lisbon and Italy. On a more personal note, one of my hidden talents is that I can impersonate people; I do this with my co-workers all the time. On my days off, I like to walk my westy with a fresh brewed coffee in hand. 

Contact Dennis

214-515 Dundas St. W.
Oakville, ON L6M 1L9

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