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Moeez Qureshi | Broker | BIG Insurance Grimsby

Moeez Qureshi

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About Moeez

Moeez is an insurance broker at the Billyard Insurance Group Niagara Falls. With over 8 years of sales experience in various industries, Moeez has helped countless clients find products that fit their lifestyle and give them peace of mind. Moeez is committed to going the extra mile for his clients, earning their trust and building lifelong connections.

A motivated and responsible individual, Moeez’s consistent efforts and driven ambition brings about positive results for his clients. Over the years, he has learned to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, which serves him well in the ever-changing insurance industry.

When not at work, you will find Moeez passionately volunteering in his community. He gets involved in local school soccer tournaments, serves at food banks, and regularly supports the Niagara Sustainability Initiative.

Contact Moeez

274 Main Street East, Unit 2
Grimsby, ON L3M 1P8

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