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Tom Putman

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About Tom

Hello, My name is Tom Putman, Registered Insurance Broker, born and raised in Northern Ontario.  My family (including parents, sister & aunts) all work professionally in the medical and care industry.  I took to traveling in my younger years moving from city to city in North America. I also started many small businesses along the way. I finally decided to make my way home about 15 years ago to start a family.

As a husband and as a father of 3, I understand the core value of family. I also understand the anxiety and uncertainties that only a parent will feel. My wife and I have encouraged our children to play hockey, baseball, volleyball and other sport as well as having them volunteer in our community. As a very active member of the Garson Lions Club, I also understand the importance of community and helping one another.

Joining Billyard Insurance Group was like finding the last piece of the puzzle. A family-oriented company that gives me the opportunity to use my life experiences, my 15 years of professional experiences and my sense of community to help customers find what they need and not just sell what I have.

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2-208 Caswell Drive
Sudbury, ON P3E 2N8

Insurance for Everything.

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