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Vicky Kotab
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About Vicky

I thoroughly enjoy having conversations with new people, my name is Vicky Kotab and I have been working in the insurance field since 1998 helping families with Life, Health, Travel, Home and Auto insurance solutions.  I am very excited to have joined Billyard Insurance Group – AKA “BIG Sudbury” with Josh and the team.

Here is my back story and the reason I care to help your family - financial devastation can occur – it happened to my family growing up. Born and raised in Sudbury my father fell in love with his career as a Paramedic only to be injured on the job at age 32. This turned into a very painful lifelong total disability with continuous WSIB claim challenges - I was 12 my brother was only 9. This resulted in my mother having to advance her insurance career asap at age 31 to better support the family and keep us from losing our home. If that wasn’t enough, at age 39 he suffered a critical illness having a massive heart attack, thankfully he survived but this left him basically uninsurable. Life was difficult having a father that was disabled and in constant pain. Then at the young age of 49 he died from his second massive heart attack, leaving my 48-year-old mother widowed. Owning very little life insurance my mother was instantly left with only one income. Trying to keep everything a float she dove into most of her retirement savings and within 4 years she was financially ruined and deflated. This is the reason I am passionate about helping families insure their life and health early on, before a health scare or condition which likely will result in higher premiums or the tragedy of being deemed uninsurable therefore unable to buy what you need or want to protect your family. I am committed to taking the time to make sure you understand the products you choose offering “peace of mind” should you or your loved one - die to soon, become disabled or suffer from a critical illness. I have done the same for my family - husband John and two children - by securing early life, disability and critical illness coverage that fits our budget.

I am also licenced to help families with their Home, Auto and Travel insurance here in our Nickel City and the North. These products are also very much part of individual or family’s financial security – imagine not having the right water coverage or accident benefits after your claim - my goal is to help you understand your policy before a claim – because I know that protection from financial devastation matters. Call me! - let’s review your current insurance policies or begin a plan that’s right for you and your budget.

Contact Vicky

2-208 Caswell Drive
Sudbury, ON P3E 2N8

Insurance for Everything.

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BIG Sudbury is providing services right here in the Nickel City for Auto & Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Life Insurance and Travel Insurance. Located at 2-208 Caswell Drive in the south end, our Insurance Brokers in Sudbury guarantee Excellence, Honesty, and Comfort in every aspect of your insurance purchase experience. We look forward to hearing from you soon!