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Alexsandra Bueno

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About Alexsandra

Hello, my name is Alexsandra Bueno.

Please, let me introduce myself. I've been working in the insurance industry for over twenty years, and as of May 2022, I started my journey as an Insurance Broker at Billyard Insurance Group - Fredericton. My professional career started in 1998 in Brazil, my home country, where I worked in various roles as an insurance analyst, project manager, and corporate sales manager. In 2018, I moved to Canada with my family. Since then, I have worked in the insurance industry, working for major insurance companies.

I am proud to be a reliable broker who is committed and determined. My commitment to you is that I will be only a call or click away, and I will always promptly respond to you. I am pleased to offer my services in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Feel free to call me for a second opinion on your existing insurance coverage or to receive complimentary advice and a quote! I am looking forward to speaking with you. 

I live in the community of Dieppe with my husband and a beautiful daughter, who motivate me to be the best version of myself. I enjoy cooking and hanging out with friends and family; my favourite sport is street running. 

Contact Alexsandra

82 Westmorland St, Suite 405
Fredericton, NB E3B 3L3

Insurance for Everything.

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