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Compare Classic Car Insurance Quotes for Free

Compare Classic Car Insurance Quotes for Free

Get an auto insurance quote in under 3 minutes.

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Compare Classic Car Insurance Quotes for Free

Get an auto insurance quote in under 3 minutes.

Classic Car Insurance Quotes in Canada

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If you own a classic car, Billyard Insurance Group can compare classic insurance quotes to find you coverage to meet your specialist car insurance requirements. We offer classic car insurance, vintage car insurance, antique car insurance, collector car insurance as well as many different kinds of specialty vehicles. Classic car owners understand the special care their vehicle requires! Your car insurance is no exception and your policy should be tailored to fit your requirements. Your regular auto insurance policy just doesn’t always cut it. Choose Billyard Insurance Group to find you the perfect policy tailored to fit your needs.

What Is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurers understand that your vehicle is different from your regular daily vehicle. It is a prized possession that will be driven with care and attentiveness. Your premiums will be adjusted accordingly and significantly lower in cost than your average daily vehicle.

Our classic car insurance partners encourage you to enjoy your vehicle - whether you take it on a trip to the movies, attend a local car event, or head out for a weekend cruise. In the event of a claim, classic car insurance with our chosen insurance providers covers your vehicle's value if a total loss happens. With no hassle and no depreciation! Plus our providers offer comprehensive 24/7 full-service roadside assistance and understand the unique needs of classic cars, such as guaranteeing flatbed towing with soft straps. If you need to make a claim, they have classic car specialists to ensure high service standards for your vehicle's repairs.

Why Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

Regardless of the frequency of the usage, your mileage, or even if your vehicle is stored in the garage. If you own a car in Canada, it is mandatory to insure it. If you own a classic car, it is more beneficial and affordable to have special car insurance rather than daily driver insurance as it offers key benefits, including.

  1. Lower cost premiums - it is typically cheaper to insure a classic car rather than the car that you use daily. This can be over 50% lower than your regular car insurance.

  2. Our insurance partners determine the value of your vehicle at the beginning of your agreement so you do not have to be concerned about depreciation affecting your future claim amounts. Regular car insurance carriers typically only offer Actual Cash Vehicle which may decrease the value of your vehicle if you need to make a claim.

  3. Our insurance partners offer no fixed mileage limits which allows you more flexibility in how and when your classic vehicle is driven.

When Do I Need to Have Classic Car Insurance?

As with regular vehicles, as soon as you own your classic car, you are required to have insurance. This is regardless of the frequency of the usage, your mileage or even if you just have it stored in the garage. If you own a classic car, you need to have it covered.

How Much Does Classic Car Insurance Cost?

Your policy is tailored to your vehicle and requirements. As our insurance partners specialize in collector car insurance and classic car insurance, you get insurance to meet your requirements at a more affordable price.

Everyone’s insurance premium reflects their unique situation. When we calculate your premium, we look at some different factors including your location, vehicle usage, vehicle type and driving record. If there is a higher risk with any of these factors, this will increase your premiums.

How Do I Get Classic Car Insurance with Billyard Insurance Group?

If you’re ready to get insurance with Billyard Insurance Group, click the Start Your Quote button below. Our experienced team of Insurance Brokers will shop the marketplace and compare classic car insurance on your behalf. They’ll find the most suitable insurance company offering the coverage you need for your vintage car.