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Telematics is a new technology solution designed to save good drivers money on their car insurance. The telematics program will reward good driving behavior by recording how safely your vehicle is operated, potentially decreasing your auto insurance by as much as 30% on your next renewal.

What are the Benefits?

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Save up to 30% on your
Auto Insurance

Your good driving habits will earn you a discount of as much as
30% on your next renewal.
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It's free & easy to use

The apps are free to download and there is no charge to use them. Simply follow the instructions provided to enroll in the program and you’ll be setup in a matter of minutes.
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Your data will not be used
to increase your premium

Results from your telematics enrollment will not increase your premium, your rates can only go down.
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The data collected is confidential. It will never be used for any purpose outside of the Telematics Discount Program without your consent.
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Improves your driving habits

You are able to review your driving history at any time which may help you to adjust your driving habits.

How do I Sign Up?

We currently have two Insurance Companies offering a telematics discount program: Intact Insurance & Pembridge Insurance.
Discuss telematics eligibility with your Billyard Insurance Group Broker and enroll in the program today.

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