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Corporate Policy

Broker Compensation:

Billyard Insurance Group (BIG) is an independent broker. We work on your behalf to provide reliable, competitive insurance protection for your assets and liabilities.

As an independent, privately owned broker, Billyard Insurance Group is not bound to a single insurance company, which enables us to prioritize your interests as our client. BIG insurance brokers are trained, and licensed professionals committed to provide insurance advice, coverage, and service, serve your ongoing insurance needs, and advocate for you if an issue or claim should arise. There is no direct or indirect ownership interest by any insurance company or financial institution; our compensation structure will never impact our advice to you.  

The term ‘broker’ means that BIG represents multiple insurance companies, which provides our carriers the opportunity to offer lower prices. Unlike an insurance carrier that writes directly, insurance companies in the broker channel do not need to cover expenses related to lead generation, marketing, administration, processing, and travel.

Billyard Insurance Group’s technical knowledge, industry expertise, technology offerings, client relationships, and professional advice provides additional value to our clients.

As we invest in our clients, we receive compensation for our services through a commission percentage, which is already built into your total premium. To be fully transparent, below you will find a schedule of commissions organized by insurer and product type.


Company Property Automobile
Aviva* 20% 10%-12.5%
CAA Insurance Company* 20% 12.5%
Coachman* 20% 10%-12.5%
Echelon* N/A 12.5%-15%
Economical Mutual* 20% 10%-12.5%
Facility (Nordic) N/A 6%-11% (Capped at $250)
Gore* 20% 10%-12.5%
Heartland Mutual* 20% 12.5%
Intact Insurance* 20% 12.5%
Jevco* N/A 12.5%
Pafco* 20% 12.5%
Pembridge* 20% 12.5%
Perth 20% 12.5%
Travelers* 20% 12.5%
Unica* 20% 12.5%
Wawanesa Mutual* 20% 7.5%-12.5%
Various Specialty Markets 10%-15% 7.5%-12.5%

Commission percentages are paid annually to the broker and apply to new and renewed policies. Should there be any commission increase or other material change in compensation from your insurance carrier, you will be duly notified.

*This company offers incentives under Contingent (Profit) Commission or Growth contracts.  

Insurance providers carefully select and price business so that total premiums exceed the cost of claims paid to be successful. They may provide programs that incentivize growth, profitability, and retention in desired lines of business. Billyard Insurance Group may qualify for compensation under such Contingent Commission programs. Commission through these programs is calculated using proprietary formulas based on overall written premium, growth rates, profitability (loss ratio), and retention percentages.

Additionally, our executives or other employees may be provided with the occasion to attend sales or educational conferences held or sponsored by our insurance company partners.  

Please refer to the Consumer Code of Rights and Responsibilities to learn of the commitments made by your insurance company. This information is provided on your new business insurance policy and can also be viewed on the corporate website of each respective insurance company. 

Should you have any questions about this declaration or questions related to your insurance, please contact us.