Complaints & Concerns

At Billyard Insurance Group and Billyard Investment Group, it is important for us to know about any problems you experience. We are committed to addressing your concerns and complaints promptly, efficiently, and professionally. In order for us to resolve your concerns and complaints, please follow the escalation process outlined below. For faster service, please have the following information available before you begin:

  1. Your Policy Number and / or claim number
  2. The name(s) of any employees you have spoken to
  3. The details of your concern

Step 1

File a Complaint Directly to Your Insurance Broker

If you have a concern, we recommend that you start at the source. Speaking to your Insurance Broker involved is likely the fastest way to resolve any issues.

Contact Broker

Step 2

Escalate Your Complaint to Your Broker's Managing Partner

If your complaint is not resolved after completing Option 1, you should escalate the matter to your Brokers Managing Partner

Contact Managing Partner

Step 3

Report your Complaint to the Billyard Insurance Group or Billyard Investment Group Ombudsperson

If you have completed Options 1 & 2 and your complaint has not been resolved to satisfaction, you can contact the Ombudsperson for an independent review. The ombudsperson will conduct an impartial review of your concerns and examine whether your file was handled fairly and appropriately and work with you to find a resolution.

Please be sure to cover the following in your message:

  • Summary of your complaint
  • List of all unresolved concerns
  • The reason you feel your concern has not been resolved in Steps 1 & 2
  • Any documentation / information that you would like to have reviewed
  • What your desired outcome would be

Contact Ombudsperson

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