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Tes Anton | Senior Broker | BIG Insurance Markham East

Tes Anton

Senior Broker
Think Big
Insurance for Everything.

About Tes

Welcome! My name is Tes Anton, and thank you for dropping by.

I have been working in the insurance industry since 2014. In 2022, I decided to take my talents and insurance expertise to the wonderful Billyard Insurance Group located in Markham East. I am extremely passionate about my career and look forward to building many invaluable relationships as I progress in my journey as an insurance professional. Over the years, using my analytical skills, I have had the pleasure of catering to client’s needs with products that match their lifestyle, all while saving them money. I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t like to see savings of hundreds of dollars a year?!

Insurance is not discussed enough, and I have witnessed first-hand the struggles of being inadequately insured. As such, I have made it my goal to simplify insurance and educate my clients in layman’s terms. Insurance is guaranteed to provide that one thing – peace of mind when the unexpected happens. As everyone has a busy schedule, I believe you should entrust me with your insurance needs. You can rest assure that I will help keep you and your family safe throughout your insurance journey. I look forward to hearing from you!

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228 Copper Creek Drive
Markham, ON L6B 1N6

Insurance for Everything.

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Billyard Insurance Group Markham East

Billyard Insurance Group - Markham East was launched in 2023, and we are grateful to our loyal clients who have motivated us to establish our business in the city we know and love!

Our Insurance Brokers can assist you with Home, Auto, Business, Life, and Travel Insurance. We are reachable via multiple platforms, including telephone, email, and in-person, as we are conveniently located near Donald Cousens Parkway and Highway 407.

When selecting your personalized coverage plan, we first listen to your needs, explain our products, and then ensure your money goes towards coverage that will serve you best. Our point of interaction and promise to serve you does not end with setting up the insurance policy but will continue throughout your tenure with us. We are available anytime you have a question or concern and to provide guidance in your time of need.

Contact one of our highly qualified Insurance Brokers who are fluent in English, French, and Tamil to set up your personalized insurance plan today!