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Pay As You Go Car Insurance | Billyard Insurance Group | Woman driving car
Our BIG brokers now have access to a pay-as-you-go car insurance option for clients who drive less. Whether you are retired, rely on public transit, or just have a low-mileage lifestyle, this type of policy could be a great solution for you! Keep reading to learn more.... Read More
Best Collector Car Insurance
As an owner of a classic car, exotic car or modified car, a primary concern when shopping for the best collector car insurance would be how much the insurer would pay in the case that your car is a write off or stolen. You’ve invested your money and time into this beautiful car and while it’s devastating to lose an irreplaceable masterpiece, you want the peace of mind knowing you will get the best payout for your car value.... Read More
Do Speeding Tickets Affect Insurance
Getting a traffic ticket can be embarrassing and stressful, but even worse is the cost of the fine, the demerit points, and potential effect it has on your insurance. While you’re waiting for the officer to come back with the news, you may be wondering, “Do speeding tickets affect insurance?” This blog will discuss all the ins and outs of your traffic violation and explain the effect it may have on your insurance.... Read More
Do Parking Tickets Affect Your Insurance?
How do parking tickets affect your insurance? With auto insurance rates increasing across Ontario, it makes sense to question what factors affect your insurance rate.... Read More