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Identity Theft Insurance | Woman of Colour Sitting on Couch Using Laptop | Billyard Insurance Group
“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim. Millions of families suffer every year,” the beloved, quirky character Dwight Schrute so adamantly asserts. This blog will give you some tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft, and how identity theft insurance coverage can help you get your life back to normal if it happens to you.
Personal Liability | Liability Insurance | Courthouse | Gavel | Billyard Insurance Group
When you start a quote, your broker will ask you about a personal liability limit – what is personal liability? What does it cover? How much should you get? We will be answering all your ‘burning questions’ about personal liability in this blog.
What is Overland Water Coverage | Flooded Living Room | Billyard Insurance Group
In the buying process, your broker may offer Overland Water Coverage and you may not be sure of what it covers or if it’s even necessary. That’s why we are here! In this blog, we will discuss Overland Water Coverage to help you make an informed decision for your home insurance policy.
Sewer Backup Coverage | Billyard Insurance Group
Maybe your broker has offered Sewer Backup Coverage and maybe you’re unsure of what it is or whether you need it or not. Look no further! In this blog, we will discuss Sewer Backup Coverage to help you make an informed decision for your home insurance policy.
Electrical Safety Tips
Whether it’s holiday decorating or hooking up new appliances and electronics, you might use extension cords as a convenient, temporary solution to deliver electricity to your devices. If used improperly, extension cords can pose a real risk of injury, electrocution, or even an electrical fire in your home. In this blog, we will explain some electrical safety tips for extension cords to avoid a home insurance claim.
Home Safety Tips
If you've seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or Home Alone, you likely have a sense of what could go wrong during the holiday season. While put up your twinkly lights, decorate your Christmas tree, find the perfect gifts, and plan your [safe] holiday parties, enjoy the season worry-free by reviewing your property insurance policy and following these holiday decorating home safety tips.