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BIG Goals for BIG Hearts in 2021

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Even though Billyard Insurance Group’s Christmas party was virtual this year, it certainly brought a tremendously generous and positive outcome. The virtual event on December 21, 2020 was the launch for our ‘BIG Hearts’ charitable foundation. Through generous contributions from our partners and donors, our vision for BIG Hearts is to distribute funds to charities for vulnerable children in Canada. We believe that every child deserves a future full of hope and we want to raise money to make that possible whether it be feeding hungry young minds, helping kids with special needs develop greater independence, or providing care and connection for children needing a positive influence.

Many BIG team members and branch managers were in attendance as BIG President Steve Billyard and Vice President Cody Douma shared news of BIG’s future. Cindy Billyard, Executive Director of BIG Hearts was brought in to unveil the charity. The virtual event quickly shifted as we set a fundraising goal of $5,000 for BIG Hearts. Along with donations from our BIG team, Steve & Cindy Billyard also promised to match all donations from the event, dollar for dollar. We were thrilled to see the support coming in as our $5,000 goal was quickly met and surpassed, successfully raising $8460. When matched by Stephen & Cindy Billyard, a total of $16,920 was raised for BIG Hearts!

Notable contributions came from many branch offices and individuals and we thank each and every donor for catching the vision of the foundation, allowing BIG Hearts to change the course of the lives of many children in Canada and give them a BIG and bright future.   

The BIG Hearts charitable foundation is now fully operational, and we are always accepting donations to be distributed to children’s charities across Canada. In 2021 we have set a fundraising goal of $100,000, and we are already a quarter of the way there! If you would like partner with BIG Hearts to positively impact the lives and futures of vulnerable children across Canada, visit the website to get started!

‘Massive Donation’ Contributors ($500)

Jason Arruda / BIG Erin Mills

Francine Clarke / BIG Bowmanville

Anonymous / Head Office

‘Huge Donation’ Contributors ($200-$300)

BIG Mississauga West

Daniel Taormina / BIG Hamilton

Paul LaFratta / BIG St. Catharines

Ahmer Farouqi / BIG Pickering

Steve Lott / BIG Brantford

Justin Loucks / BIG KW

Matthew Camacho / BIG Ajax

Sylvester Slowakiewiscz / BIG Head Office

Gavin Rajania / BIG Bolton

Joshua Brown/ BIG Sudbury

Hasan Tariq / BIG Vaughan

Mosadeq Meer / BIG Concord

Harjot Sabharwal / BIG Scarborough East

Harman Grewal / BIG Mississauga East

Harpreet Khosa / BIG Aurora

By: Amy Legault