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Car Theft Prevention

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Car theft is on the rise across Canada, and most of us don’t think it will happen to us… until it does. Don’t wait until it is too late to start protecting your vehicle from theft. A vehicle is a very expensive purchase, so it is definitely worth protecting. Here are some car theft prevention tips!



Be wise about where or how you park. Thieves like to work where they will go unnoticed so being aware of where you park could make all the difference when deterring thieves. Park in a well-lit area and preferably close to any surveillance cameras in view of your vehicle. Thieves will be less likely to try to steal your car if they know they are being watched by a camera. Park in a populated area with people walking by, and obviously close your windows and lock your doors. You would be surprised how many people forget this when they are in a rush or just running in a store to grab something.

Anti-theft Devices

Having your vehicle protected by anti-theft devices is a great way to make sure thieves don’t go anywhere near your vehicle. If your car does not have a built-in alarm system (most do, but it is always good to double check,) you can have one installed. When someone is trying to steal your vehicle, having an alarm go off is the best way to draw attention to what is going on at your vehicle. If you want something a little more physical for car theft prevention, you can get a steering wheel lock. It attaches to the steering wheel to lock it in place; they are easy to install and prevent someone from being able to drive with it on. If you are looking for something more advanced, consider a kill switch. This device stops the flow of electricity to the fuel pump. As a result, the car will be impossible to start. Make sure to install this out of site so you are the only one who can turn this switch off. Additionally, you can install GPS tracking system in your vehicle, it might not help prevent theft, but it would definitely come in handy when trying to locate the vehicle after it has been stolen.

Theft with Keyless Entry Vehicles

Keyless entry vehicles are those who do not need a button pushed to unlock the vehicle. When the car does not detect the key, it will automatically lock. This is great technology that can prevent you from locking your keys in your car, however, these vehicles are also at risk of being stolen by what is called a ‘relay attack’. This is when two or more criminals work together and use electronic devices to steal the vehicle right out of your driveway. One person stands close to the home with these devices trying to pick up the signal from your key fob in your home. This signal is then sent to a second box that is beside your vehicle with another person, allowing the vehicle to pick up this signal, and unlock the door, thinking the key is nearby. Another car theft prevention tip would be to keep your keys away from doors and windows, preferably in a bedroom or drawer. Signals from these electronic devices cannot go through metal, so storing your keys in a metal container is also an effective way to protect your vehicle.

Make your Vehicle Look Less Appealing

Most of the time, thieves will steal cars to either take them apart and sell the parts, or to sell it entirely. By making your car look less appealing, it can prevent someone from wanting to steal it. It may seem contradictory, but you can start by taking good care of it. Having a vehicle look run down or dirty can show a thief that you do not care much about it, giving them more of a reason to steal it. A clean car shows that you put time into the upkeep of your car and are more likely to have anti-theft measures in place. Additionally, never leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle. This can tempt thieves into stealing your car. They may start by breaking the window to get those valuable items and end up going the full length to take the vehicle too. Store valuable items in the trunk if you must, but it is always better to remove them from the vehicle altogether.

These are just a fewc things you can do for car theft prevention. Be sure to talk to an insurance broker to discuss further measures you can take to ensure the safety of your vehicle, and to make sure you have the right coverage on your policy. In fact, installing some anti-theft devices could potentially lower your insurance premium.


By: Serenity Roberts