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Insurance For Your Tutoring Business

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Tutoring a student is one of the most rewarding jobs you could have! Preparing lessons and activities to help your students learn and grasp new concepts is so fulfilling. Whether you do it full time, or as a supplementary income, you should know that you and your tutoring business are properly covered with private tutor insurance. Maybe you’ve never thought of the risks, but it’s important to find private tutor insurance that fits your unique business. Take a minute to learn about the insurance options for tutoring so that you can have the peace of mind while you do what you love.

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What options are there for Private Tutor Insurance?

At BIG, we offer coverage for more than just private tutors. We can also find options for a tutoring company or agency, online tutors, academic coaches, ESL teachers and more! There are many options for private tutor insurance, and it is largely dependent on how you operate your business. These are the types of questions our team would ask you to get a better sense of the coverage you would need:

  • Where do you operate your business? At home? Rented/owned office space? In clients’ homes?
  • Do you employ other staff?
  • Do you have any valuable equipment that would be costly to replace?
  • Do you collect and store sensitive information and client data?

While this information will help us find the right private tutor insurance for you, here are some options you might consider as you shop around:

General Liability for Private Tutor Insurance

Imagine a client leaving your home or building after a tutoring session and they happen to slip on ice and injure themselves. If they decide to file a lawsuit against you, the legal costs and medical bills could easily bankrupt your business without the financial protection of private tutor insurance.

This is where General Liability Insurance (Commercial Liability) would cover your business. This type of insurance helps to provide the finances you would need for costs associated with lawsuits arising from third-party bodily injury or property damage. It would also protect you if damage is caused to a client’s property by one of your employees.  

Private Tutor Insurance: Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions)

Let’s look at another example. While you do your best to adequately prepare a student for an upcoming exam or test, they end up receiving a poor grade, or failing all together. An unhappy parent or student may choose to pursue legal action alleging negligence in your job.

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, would be used to protect your business and cover legal costs from a lawsuit resulting from professional negligence, actual or alleged errors, misconduct, misleading statements or failing to deliver services as promised. We are all human and mistakes happen, but professional liability insurance will help to cover defense costs, attorney fees, court costs and any settlements you might need to pay to settle allegations against your business.

Cyber liability for Private Tutor insurance

In the world of online teaching and tutoring, what are you doing to protect against cyber crime? Perhaps you track your students’ progress online and your computer system is breached, and the hacker is holding your students’ information for ransom. It could cost thousands of dollars to rectify this situation including legal costs, notifying clients, and working to salvage your reputation.

Cyber Liability insurance is just what you need to cover this type of situation. It’s common for tutoring businesses to store personal identifiable information (PII), including clients’ addresses, emails, phone numbers, student numbers, report cards or transcripts, and more. While you follow these tips to mitigate the risk of a cyberattack against your business, in the unpredictable world of technology it’s better to prepared to protect your clients’ personal information with cyber liability insurance.

You might also consider Electronic Data Processing (EDP) coverage (Computer and Media Coverage) to cover your software and hardware that is damaged by vandalism, theft, weather, or malware or viruses.

Private Tutor Insurance for the Home Office

Do you know if your home insurance covers your business? You should never assume it does unless you have confirmed with your home insurance carrier. In fact, many home insurance policies don’t usually cover business-related equipment or liability for business claims in your home. It is possible, however, to get Home Office Insurance that offers up to $10,000 in business property coverage and liability coverage of up to $1 million.

If you own more than $10,000 in office equipment, you might consider Business Equipment Insurance to provide higher limits and additional coverage for third-party injuries and damages caused by business interruption.

Abuse Insurance Coverage for Tutoring

Tutors regularly work with children and other vulnerable persons. Allegations of abuse of a client, whether true or false, could lead to a lawsuit, impacting the very survival of your tutoring business. Abuse claims are excluded under General Liability and Professional Liability policies, so purchasing Abuse Liability is a crucial part of a private tutor insurance package! This coverage may respond to defend the tutoring organization for claims related to discrimination and harassment, bullying or mental abuse, physical violence or corporal punishment, sexual abuse and molestation, coercion, negligence (failing to report abuse), and failure to efficiently screen individuals placed in authority. Abuse liability can be added to a Commercial General Liability policy or purchased on its own.

How much does Private Tutor Insurance cost?

The cost of private tutor insurance largely depends on how you operate your business. Policies generally start as low as $300 annually but can differ based on the scale of your business, your location, and past professional and business insurance experience. Our commercial brokers are able to help find the right coverage that is tailored uniquely to your business – and for a reasonable price.

Visit this page for a more comprehensive list of information you should have available for a small business insurance quote.


As you can see, there are many risks that you face on a regular basis as a private tutor. It’s always better to operate your business with the peace of mind that if an event arises, that you can fall back on the financial support of your private tutor insurance. If you hadn’t really thought of the risks of your tutoring business until now and you have more questions or would like to get started with a quote, get in contact with our commercial brokers and start a no-obligation quote here!  

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By: Amy Legault