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When to Visit Three of the World’s Most Unique Destinations

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

With a busy and fun-filled summer now behind us, you might plan on taking it easy for the next little bit. That said, just because you are relaxing doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your next adventure. If you’re hoping to see more of the world so that you can cross some new countries off of your bucket list, you’ve come to the right place. However, like many things in life, timing is everything when booking a vacation. This blog will highlight ideal times to visit three of the most unique destinations around the globe, tourist spots to consider, and why purchasing travel insurance beforehand is important.

The Land of the Rising Sun: Japan

Japan is viewed by many as one of the top countries to visit in the world. It is rich with culture, stunning natural beauty, and tourist attractions. The best times to visit Japan are typically early spring and mid to late fall.

Late March to early April is typically ideal for tourists who want to witness the iconic cherry blossoms in full bloom. During this time, the country transforms into a pink wonderland. Kyoto is a great place to visit, as you can explore historic temples and shrines that are surrounded by cherry blossoms. Spring is also great for hiking in Japan. The Japanese Alps or areas like Kamkikochi provide beautiful scenery for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. If you plan on hiking while here, make sure your travel insurance has sufficient coverage for medical costs in case of an emergency or injury.

If you prefer the weather to be a little cooler, consider going in late October to early November. The changing and vibrant colours of the foliage make for stunning landscapes during the autumn months. It is also a great time to enjoy Japan’s hot springs, also known as onsen. Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo and Hakone in Kanagawa are excellent options. Another benefit is that crowds are smaller compared to cherry blossom season, making it a more relaxing experience.

The Boot: Italy

One of Europe’s most-visited countries, Italy is a destination that does not disappoint. There are countless famous landmarks, tourist attractions, and activities to partake in. If you are considering visiting Italy, we recommend going either between April and June or September and October.

Italy is a fantastic destination in the spring. Its Mediterranean climate creates ideal temperatures, and there are many opportunities to immerse yourself in the country’s culture. The dramatic cliffs, quaint villages, and stunning beaches of the Amalfi Coast are definitely a must-see. You should also look into booking a countryside escape in Tuscany, where you can enjoy a peaceful getaway in a villa and treat your palate by tasting the various blends the region has to offer. Alternatively, you could attend the Infiorata Festival, where local artists display carpets made of colourful flowers in the streets of their towns or check out the Ferrara Balloon Festival, one of Europe’s largest hot air balloon festivals.

If you prefer to go when there are fewer visitors, consider going to Italy in autumn. The weather is still rather enjoyable, and there are still many things to do. Rome is home to many iconic landmarks, like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Vatican City. Naples is also worthy of a visit. Its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great way to learn about the city. Of course, what’s a trip to Italy without a stop in Venice? Venture through its picturesque streets, go on a gondola ride, and take in the remarkable sights in St. Mark’s Square. If you have paid for any excursions before your vacation, purchase a travel insurance policy as well. This could cover these expenses if you are forced to miss them due to a trip interruption or cancellation.

The Land Down Under: Australia

The incredibly vast landscapes in Australia provide a diverse range of tourist spots that you can enjoy. Spring runs from the start of September through to the end of November and is an excellent time to explore the continent. With mild weather, flowers are beginning to bloom as Australia’s natural beauty comes to life. This is the perfect time to see the Great Barrier Reef, go on a whale watching tour, or explore the vibrant cities of Sydney and Melbourne without having to deal with the sizzling summer heat that Australia is known for.

Autumn in Australia takes place from March to May. It’s an ideal time if you want to make a stop in the world-renowned Outback. During the day, head to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to get a first-hand look at its massive rock and sandstone formations. Then, take a guided Aboriginal cultural tour to learn about these special landmarks. Camping and stargazing is another popular activity many visitors do while in the Outback. The clear desert skies illuminate at night time and offer some of the world’s most awe-inspiring views.

Given its location on the planet, the seasons in Australia run opposite to that of Canada, so that is an important factor to keep in mind when planning a trip there. We’ve highlighted a few options for you to consider, but depending on when you are planning your trip, there is much to do in this part of the world. Since it is so far away, there is a chance you might need to catch a connecting flight on your way to Australia. If so, purchasing travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself in case you experience any long delays on your flights and incur any unforeseen expenses (i.e. meals, accommodations, and transportation).

Japan, Italy, and Australia each have their own unique charm and qualities that make them popular travel destinations. Regardless of when you plan to visit, there will be plenty of planning that goes into your vacation. Part of that should include contacting a BIG broker to learn about the travel insurance that can protect you while abroad. That way, you can prepare for takeoff and have one less thing to worry about.

By: Devon Gribble