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    Thank you for being our client. We value the trust you have placed in us as your insurance broker; and we will do everything possible to continue to earn your confidence and goodwill. Our goal is to arrange appropriate insurance protection for you, combining expert advice with coverage tailored to your needs as well as ongoing policy maintenance and claims support.

    How we get paid for our services:

    For the insurance services we provide to you, we receive a percentage of your annual insurance premium as a commission, paid to us by your Insurance Company. Our typical commission is 12.5% on Ontario Automobile Insurance Policies and 20% on Personal and Commercial Property Policies. This commission percentage is paid to us, each policy term, for both new policies and renewals. Additionally, we have contingent profit agreements in place with several of the insurers we represent. With these agreements we may qualify for additional compensation if we meet certain requirements related to growth, retention and loss ratios. Billyard Insurance Group Inc. currently has a loan from Intact Financial Corporation that was used to expand our business.

    Billyard Insurance Group is privately owned, and completely independent. There is no direct or indirect ownership interest by any Insurance Company or financial institution. There are no conflicts of interest in our relationship with you, our compensation structure does not factor into the insurance advice we provide to you, our recommendations are always based on our best understanding and assessment of your needs.

    For more detailed information, feel free to call us at 1-855-843-1570.

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