How It Works

    3 Small Steps to Save BIG

    The Billyard insurance Group will make this the easiest insurance buying experience you’ve ever had. The entire process can be completed easily on-line or over the telephone. Our brokers will do all of the heavy lifting and you can literally just waive your finger to make it all happen.

    Step 1 - Get the Quote

    Five minutes on the phone, or five minutes completing our on-line form and we can gather all the necessary information we need from you to shop for you.

    Step 2 - Customize the Coverage

    Our insurance experts will present you with the best rates they can find and offer the advice you need. You’re in the driver’s seat now… choose your deductibles, limits and customize the coverage to suit your needs.

    Step 3 - Sign with your Fingertip

    When you decide to Go BIG, your digital insurance application will be sent to your smartphone or computer and can be digitally signed with the tip of your finger or the click of your mouse.

    It’s that easy. Quote, Customize, Sign, Done. Welcome to the Billyard Insurance Group.

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