Top 3 Ways for A Safe Road Trip This Summer

Top 3 Ways for A Safe Road Trip This Summer

Now that the sun is shining and the summer days are ahead, planning that road trip with a couple friends is always exhilarating. With all the excitement, safety should always be number one on your list of things to inquire about when you are about to get behind the wheel. There are too many drivers who get caught up in the fun of the road trip and drive above the speed limit or drive while distracted or impaired.

These various types of unsafe driving behaviours are the most common reasons for accidents. To be prepared for any road trip there are 3 main things you can do to stay out of harm’s way:

  1. Do Not Speed

According to the Canada Safety Council, 30 % of fatal car accidents are from speeding. Speeding accidents do not always happen when driving over the speed limit, depending on the road conditions, you could be below the speed limit and still drive too fast. For example, in a thunderstorm, it may not be safe to continue the posted speed limit when your visibility is low. The most important thing to remember is to drive at a safe speed limit on your road trip.

  1. Pay Attention

With how our technology is evolving, people are on their cell phones more common than you think. We also need to be aware that distracted driving can also be from drivers who put on makeup, changing the radio station, picking up something that was dropped onto the floor or having a lively discussion with other people in the vehicle. This can increase your risk of getting into an accident on your road trip. Always be aware of how distracted drivers are all around and we may not be able to make other drivers pay attention, but you can eliminate some of those distractions in your own vehicle.

  1. Stay Sober

We all know that driving when intoxicated or high is very unsafe. Impaired driving is not always associated with substance abuse it could also be from driving while you are overtired or sleepy. No matter how excited you are to take a road trip, never drive while you are over exhausted. This can be very dangerous. It only takes a few seconds to doze off in your car and lose control. Getting to your destination faster than planned is not worth risking a car accident. This also applies to over -the- counter prescriptions and medications that cause drowsiness or impact your alertness. Always let someone else do the driving if you are not feeling well or wait until you are sober to operate a vehicle.

At the Billyard Insurance Group we offer discounts for safe driving. Your broker can go over the policy details and discuss the possible discounts as a reward for accident- free driving. Safe travels!

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