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Sacha Poshni Elite Broker 2021 | Insurance Business Canada | Billyard Insurance Group
We are so proud of BIG Mississauga East’s Sacha Poshni who has been named an Elite Broker in 2021 by Insurance Business Canada. This award acknowledges top insurance brokers across Canada who demonstrate a high drive for sales through the growing of their book of business and high volume of policies written. ... Read Full Article
Spousal RRSP Contribution | How Does a Spousal RRSP Work | Billyard Insurance Group | Couple looking at computer
Are you trying to figure out your spousal RRSP contribution before the tax deadline on March 1st? Or are you trying to figure out if a spousal RRSP is right for you and your partner? A spousal RRSP can allow you to experience even greater tax benefits and help you maximize your retirement. In this blog, we will explain how the spousal RRSP works and how you can use it to your advantage.... Read Full Article
Billyard Insurance Group | Top Insurance Brokerage in Canada | Black and White Elephant
We are excited to share yet another achievement that causes Billyard Insurance Group to standout as an industry leader in the world of insurance. Insurance Business Canada has recognized BIG as No. 2 on the list of Top 10 Insurance Brokerages in Canada in 2020. This award highlights outstanding brokerages across Canada based on criteria such as revenue growth, new brokers, client growth and policy growth.... Read Full Article
Life Insurance for Diabetics | Billyard Insurance Group | Person with Diabetes | Diabetic
Are you or someone you know living with diabetes? Thankfully, the disease can be managed and diabetics can still go on to live a very full and unhindered life, but you may be wondering if this disease might impact eligibility and premiums for life insurance. The good news is there are many quality life insurance options available for diabetics. Learn more about your options in this blog and share it with a friend or family member so that they can be informed about their options!... Read Full Article
Private Tutor Insurance | Billyard Insurance Group | Adult tutoring a student
Tutoring a student is one of the most rewarding jobs you could have! Whether you do it full time, or as a supplementary income, you should know that you and your tutoring business are properly covered with private tutor insurance. Maybe you’ve never thought of the risks, but it’s important to find private tutor insurance that fits your unique business. ... Read Full Article
BIG Hearts | Children smiling | BIG goals for BIG Hearts in 2021
Even though Billyard Insurance Group’s Christmas party was virtual this year, it certainly brought a tremendously generous and positive outcome. Through generous contributions from our partners and donors, our vision for BIG Hearts is to distribute funds to charities for vulnerable children in Canada. ... Read Full Article