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Couple reviewing documents
What is an insurance binder? Learn its importance, how it differs from a certificate of insurance, and when you need one. Learn more with BIG!
man breaking into car
Wondering, "Does insurance cover a stolen car?" Dive deep into theft coverage, FAQs, and the impact on premiums. Get clear answers with BIG.
Man and woman buying a new car
Buying a new car? Discover tips for a smart purchase. Read our blog post and drive away in your dream car.
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Prepare your cottage for winter closure. Protect your property. Read our blog post and ensure a worry-free off-season for your cottage!
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If you’re looking to make a car insurance change, you may be wondering: Can I change car insurance before the renewal date? Get answers here!
Two friends riding their motorcycles down the road
The start of autumn marks many changes for motorcycle enthusiasts. If you plan on hitting the road, follow these steps to protect your bike and avoid making a claim on your motorcycle insurance policy.