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BIG Holiday Open House
On November 29, 2019 we celebrated the Holidays with and open house at the Billyard Insurance Group Head Office. ... Read More
Insurance for Personal Trainers
If you are a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, yoga instructor, or fitness professional of any kind, you need business insurance! There are a few different kinds of insurance you will need as a personal trainer, and we can help you figure out a type of coverage that is specific to you.... Read More
Who Can Drive Under my Insurance?
Your friend asks you to borrow your car for a quick run to the grocery store, and you really want to hand over the keys, but you’re not sure if they are covered under your insurance. This blog will answer the questions, Can Someone Drive My Car With My Insurance?... Read More
Holiday Budgeting Tips
The holidays season is upon us which is an exciting time for many of us! From the holiday parties, gifts and other traditions the costs for these can add up. It is important to try to budget yourself properly to not spend more than you have on your family and friends. ... Read More
9 Tips for Moving in the Winter
Winters in Canada can be a little unpredictable. If you are moving in the winter, you may have some additional challenges than you would have in the warmer months. Take a read of our top tips to safely moving to a new house in the winter. ... Read More
How Technology Can Impact Car Insurance
From updated safety technology to autonomous cars.How does car insurance change when it comes to new technology in vehicles. ... Read More