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How to Write a Vision Statement | Billyard Insurance Group | Two Fashion Business Women of Colour Talking
As you start a new business or experience business growth, you need a vision of where your company is headed. You need a vision statement. In this blog, we will share how to write a vision statement for your business so that, as a business owner, you can make better business decisions, and provide clear direction for your teams, customers, and stakeholders.... Read More
When to Replace Tires | Mechanic Changing a Car Tire | Billyard Insurance Group
When’s the last time you bought new tires? Can’t remember? Then it’s time to check if they need replacing. So how do you know when to replace tires? In this blog, we will give some key indicators that will help you know when to replace them.... Read More
Tips for Home Staging | Billyard Insurance Group | Living Room Home Staging
Home staging is a strategic, understated way of decorating that highlights your home’s best features to potential buyers. This method has many benefits, and while you may consider hiring a professional to do it, it’s entirely possible to do it yourself. Ready to take on the task? Keep reading for our comprehensive list of tips for home staging.... Read More
Add a Driver to Car Insurance | Billyard Insurance Group | Young Black Woman Sitting in a Car Holding Keys
Maybe a family member needs to borrow your car while they wait for repairs, or a friend asks to use your truck when moving to a new place. Do you need to add them as a driver to your policy? What about if you have a newly licensed teenager in your home, or have a parent living with you – do you need to add them? In this blog, we will explain which situations you should add a driver to car insurance and when it’s not necessary.... Read More
Tips for Selling Your Home | Home with For Sale Sign in Front Lawn | Billyard Insurance Blog | Selling Your Home
Planning to sell your home? Whether you are downsizing at retirement, upgrading to accommodate a growing family, or moving to a new country, selling your home can be an emotional and stressful process. In this blog, our BIG list of tips for selling your home will alleviate some of the stress during the process.... Read More
What Are The Cheapest Cars To Insure In Ontario?
If you’re looking at buying a new or used car, in 2022 there are many costs that you need to consider including mandatory insurance on the vehicle. One of the ways you can save on car insurance is to choose to purchase one of the cheapest cars to insure in Ontario.... Read More