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The Mount Hamilton Royals men’s soccer team scored the most goals in the league this year, overall scoring 31 goals and 17 goals against. They came in second overall in Division 1 this year after losing the Cup Finals in penalty kicks. Overall a successful season with 8 wins, 2 loses and 4 ties. As a small church-based team out of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, the Mount Hamilton Royals was started about four years ago in Hamilton, Ontario. The team has the honour of playing on a brand new field which ended up being the top field in Hamilton this season.... Read More
“I don’t like to lose at ping pong. I’m one of those,” says Sandy Billyard, and she’s not lying. Here at Billyard Insurance Group we have an on-going ping pong tournament and Sandy remains at the top of the leader board. Once in a while she gets knocked into second place, but it never lasts long. She is the definition of competitive and she never gives up.... Read More
Do Parking Tickets Affect Your Insurance?
How do parking tickets affect your insurance? With auto insurance rates increasing across Ontario, it makes sense to question what factors affect your insurance rate.... Read More